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Open Up at Brooklyn Body Blossom

Ridgewood Chiropractor Utilizes All-Around Approach

Visit Brooklyn Body Blossom’s comfortable, open space and experience our energy-rich environment. Ridgewood chiropractor, Dr. Michael Murray tailors your healing experience to the exact needs of your body. Each person that walks through the door is treated like the individual they are with specific therapeutic strengthening exercises, targeted soft tissue massage, precise gentle spinal entrainment and nutritional coaching customized to meet you where you are at and help you achieve a Healthier, Fitter and Happier future. Our ability to support you with a tailored approach ensures that your road to recovery is as efficient as possible.

Find Holistic Health

Dr. Mike’s care has evolved into a multi-faceted healing approach that stimulates your body’s own intelligence for healing while providing you with the necessary simple strengthening exercises to best support your care outside of the office. We want you to know that Chiropractic is a lifestyle and it includes more than having your spine adjusted. We look at each person
through the lens of the “whole being” to help improve how your muscles and nervous system functions,
along with nutritional and mindfulness support. Through direct one on one in-office coaching
Dr. Mike is able to guide you to a place where you body can become stronger, more supple
and more efficient at everyday tasks. Our goal is to teach you how to Thrive in this
modern and often hectic world.

An Artistic Touch

Our approach to care is appropriate for all ages and body types. Dr. Mike applies precise gentle
contacts along the length of your spine that have a profound impact on your body’s innate
ability to heal. In our safe space, you’ll feel a connection forming with Dr. Mike
from the moment you meet him. Through our care, you’ll feel your mind and body
communicating at a higher level. When this happens, you can begin to live
your life to the fullest.

We want to share true wellness with you. Rejuvenate your life by calling today
to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Michael Murray - Ridgewood Chiropractor, Brooklyn NY
Phone: (917) 715-3587